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Hot Tubs & Swim Spas

Hot Tubs & Swim Spas

A hot tub or Swim Spa from Viscount Pools East can provide a getaway or a relaxing soak every night. It can be the perfect way to end your day and help erase some of your aches and pains. Our variety of Signature Hot Tubs or Swim Spas provide for a completely immersive experience that lets you soothe your muscles and let your mind drift away.


Our Line Of Hot Tubs:

This value series is designed to be an easy “Plug N Play” hot tub while providing our exclusive *DTS™ (Dual Therapy System™), the combination of high volume whirlpool flow and targeted direct pressure jets giving you the ultimate in hot water therapy. The “All In” 110 Series hot tubs have installed standard features usually found in top of the line models, such as: adjustable stainless steel jets, LED lighting,
ozone, GFCI cord and our *Nordic Wrap insulation.

Classic Series
This series is what started the Nordic Passion! Classic round hot tubs provide our exclusive *DTS™ whirlpool therapy with comfort barrier free seating. These models will fit most any need from size to depth and accommodate those wanting a simple hot water therapy solution at the best value. Adjustable stainless steel jetting and an LED light are standard in this series. Most models are convertible for 110V or 220V electrical hook ups and *MLP™ Mood Lighting Package is an option in this series.

Modern Series
This series contains different shapes and sizes to fulfill anyone’s needs. With stylish and comfortable models, this series offers an array of seating capacity, depth, unique layout and all are convertible for 110V or 220V electrical hook ups. Whirlpool flow, *DTS™, adjustable stainless steel jetting and an LED light are standard in this series. *NLP™ Northern Light Package is an option in the Modern Series.

Sport Edition
This series is for those that want more jet pressure in their hydrotherapy. These hot tubs are also found in the Modern Series but have increased horsepower to deliver the highest water flow available. Along with more hydrotherapy power, this series comes standard with our *NLP™ Northern Light Package and adjustable stainless steel jetting.

Luxury Series
This series has all the features you want while keeping focus on simplicity and value. The hot tubs in this series have dual pump systems which provide the absolute best hydrotherapy available. Whirlpool flow *DTS™, adjustable stainless steel jetting and *NLP™ Northern Light Package are standard. Truly the top of the line and at a cost far less than the competitors, the Luxury Series value speaks for itself.